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WIPIN scarifier is equipment developed on the basis of planing Scarifierstechnology. Scarifier mixes the machine and cutters to remove the concrete and asphalt surface. The cutters powered by the petrol engine,electromotor and hydraulic system rotate in very high speed to hit the road and get the rough-making effect.



• Remove epoxy coatings, thermoplastic coatings, paint and traffic line 

• Remove glue,oil,contaminants,mill scale and rust

• Repair common floor problem: Uneven slabs, high spots, trowel marks, damaged concrete

• Level uneven surfaces and trip hazards

• Grooving floor for slip resistance

• Floor clean and preparation


• With WIPIN drums, you can choose from a variety of accessories and cutters to achieve the profile, depth and speed you need for each job.

• Variable depth settings provide greater control of surface removal and unique engage/disengage lever lets you raise or lower cutting drum without losing depth setting.

• Vacuum hookup and water outlet for dust-free operation.

• 4-grade air filter guarantee the engine works more efficient and less likely to breakdown.

• Patented casting ball bearing can reduce maintence.

• With WIPIN's quick-change drum design and spare drum assemblies, you'll be back on the job in five minutes.

• Safety switch . Can turn off the engine quickly in emergency.

Working Width(mm)200
Working Depth(mm)6
Power OptionGX270/5.5KW
Drum AssemblyChangeable
Drum RotationDowncut(clockwise)
Depth ControlYes
Dimensions(L*W*H))(mm)980 * 490 *1000
Power DriveManual