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Hydraulic Power Units

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Hydraulic tools are not like pneumatic tools need work with a large air compressor. Hydraulic tools' power unit just as small as cart. It is also lightweight, two people together can carry it in a truck bed or van. But it can transfer same powerful energy. That means same power in a smaller package.

The WP23-45Twin hydraulic power unit is engineered for continuous professional use and is optimized to deliver ideal flows and pressures to two hydraulic tools in the same time. Its powerful 23 HP Briggs & Stratton engine and best-in-class cooling system deliver the power and heat rejection pros need to keep tools working uninterrupted all day in all types of conditions. The WP23-45Twin features a computerized all-electric throttle control system that idles-down the engine when tools aren't running, saving fuel and extending service life. Its feature-rich, dependable operation make the WP23-45Twin the industry choice for high-flow applications.


    • Versatility: Can run dozens of hydraulic tools, and run 2 tools in same time.

    • Portability: Can be carried in a truck bed or van

Easy to move

Cost effective:Internal components are bathed in hydraulic oil, keeping them lubricated and reducing maintenance

    • Durability and easy to maintain: Internal components are bathed in hydraulic oil, keeping them lubricated and reducing maintenance

    • No gas from tool exhaust: The power units can put far from tools.

23-45 动力站.jpg


The double-circuit hydraulic power unit offers 45Lpm Output Capacity and a revolutionary design capable of operating two tools at 22Lpm simultaneously.



  • Briggs & Stratton 23HP double-cylinder gasoline engine Electronic Start

   • Folding handle and removable wheels

   • Air-to-oil cooler with high-speed blower

   • Overload feedback system saving fuel,reducing noise and extending service life

   • Hour counter

EngineBriggs & Stratton23HP
Output Capacity(lpm)2*22 or 1*45
Pressure(Bar) 150
Hydraulic   ReservoirCapacity(L)13
Fuel Tank   Capacity(L)20
Electronic StartersYes 
Sound power level   DB95