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Hydraulic concrete cutting circular saw

Hydraulic concrete cutting circular saw

Name: 16-inch Hydraulic Diamond Concrete Cutting Circular Saw

Model Number: WS16

Main usage: concrete floor cut, concrete wall cut, stone cut

Cutting depth: 145mm


Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:WIPIN
Model Number:WS16

CE certificate


  • Unaffected by water and dust and can work in the most extreme environments for long periods of time.

  • Hydraulically driven with no exhaust fumes to the operator.

  • Works with standard diamond and abrasive cutters.

  • Higher results than internal combustion and electric disc saws.

  • Low failure rate, no maintenance required.

  • Light weight and ergonomic, can effectively reduce the user's labour intensity.

Hydraulic concrete diamond cutting saw The WS16 is a concrete and metal cutter that can be used with both abrasive and diamond blades.The WIPIN Hydraulic Circular Saw offers you the most versatile and efficient depth of cut available. Thanks to its power and depth of cut, it is the most durable and popular choice for all heavy-duty jobs.


Demolition & Renovation - brick wall, concrete wall and floor cutting etc.

Abrasive Metal Cutting - Underground pipe cutting, dewatering, and light demolition.

Road Works - Asphalt and concrete cutting, with a slab saw carriage, it can cut deep on the road.

Rescue and Defence - It can cut through exposed steel rebar and precast concrete slabs to quickly create life-saving pathways.

Cutting Depth (mm)145
Diameter of Blade (mm)400
Output Flow (lpm)26-34
Operating Pressure(bar)105-139
Max. Pressure(Bar)170


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