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Hydraulic Vibrating /Vibratory Concrete Plate Compactor
Hydraulic Vibrating /Vibratory Concrete Plate Compactor
Hydraulic Vibrating /Vibratory Concrete Plate Compactor

Hydraulic Vibrating /Vibratory Concrete Plate Compactor

Place of OriginChina
Brand NameWIPIN
Model NumberWPH-90

CE certificate

  • Fordable and adjustable operating handle, easily transitions from forward to reverse motion.

  • No exhaust from engine to operator's face, can work more efficiently;

  • Lower noise, more effectively reduce the labor intensity of operators;

  • 360° hose connection.

  • Wear resistant and self-cleaning base plate.

Hydraulic Plate compactor is specially designed for compacting asphalt and some sticky materials in narrow space of road, construction yard. It is an ideal and most economical for compacting work, such as pathways, bridge  and municipal administration.


  • Plate compactors can be widely used in construction, municipal administration, highways, railways and other fields.

  • The plate compactor can not only compact the granular soil in a small site, but also compact the backfill soil of curb stones, concrete structure peripheries, sidewalk drainage ditches, gas and sewage treatment and other projects. At the same time, it can also compact sand, gravel, It is also effective in leveling and compacting soil and asphalt surfaces, and slurrying and leveling concrete surfaces.

  • It also plays an important role in foundation preparation or asphalt repair work during maintenance of streets, highways, and access roads.

Weight (kg)90
Dimensions(L*W*H) (mm)850*500*915
Flow  Range(lpm)26-34
Vibrating   Force(KN) 15


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