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27HP Petrol Engine hydraulic power unit pack
27HP Petrol Engine hydraulic power unit pack
27HP Petrol Engine hydraulic power unit pack
27HP Petrol Engine hydraulic power unit pack

27HP Petrol Engine hydraulic power unit pack

Name: Dual 27HP Gasoline hydraulic power pack unit with joint flow function

Main usage: To supply hydraulic oil to tools, can drive most of hydraulic handheld tools.

Hydraulic Flow: single flow 1x 20, 30, 40, and 60 lpm, dual flow 2x30lpm,

Pressure: 155bar

Place of Origin


Brand NameWIPIN
Model NumberWP30-60Twin
CertificationCE certificate


  • Folding handle and removable wheels;

  • With advanced air cooling system;

  • Electric Start and manual throttle control;

  • Briggs & Stratton 27HP gasoline engine with large oil reservoir

  • Dual flow  2x20 and 2x30lpm, Joint Flow 1x 60lpm

  • low  20lpm, 30lpm, 40lpm, 45lpm and 1x60lpm (Joint Flow)

Hydraulic Power Unit WP30-60 is a heavy-duty power pack who can provide sufficient power to hydraulic tools which can fulfill the toughest job such as 15” cut-off saws, 22” concrete chainsaws, heavy breakers and 6” trash pumps etc. and it can drive them very easily simultaneously.

Although it is a heavy-duty power pack, thanks for the alloy aluminum tank and light weight frame, with its heavy duty handrail, it can be easily transported and moved in the yard.

Engine-driven power packs, the gas-power hydraulic power packs can produce higher flow than DC hydraulic power packs. With its compact size, it is more suitable for a moving job that needs an independent power source.

And mostly, it is the most cost-effective power pack compared with other types of power units. It is smaller, cheaper and more powerful. The cost of working is much lower than other kinds of power packs/ power units.


  • Demolition-Brick wall, concrete wall and floor cutting and drilling, rock demolition, drilling etc.

  • Municipal Water –underground pipe repair, dewatering, and light demolition.

  • Road Works- Asphalt and concrete cutting, pave road surface

  • Rescue and Defense- Earthquake clean, flood clean, etc.

Specification Data


27HP Vanguard Engine


163 kg

Size (L*W*H)

1020×650×800 mm

Output Capacity

2*30 dual flow /1*60 Joint flow (2*8gpm / 1* 16 gpm)


155 bars/ 2300psi

Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity

13 Liters / 3 gallon

Fuel Tank Capacity

20 Liters / 5 gallon

Sound power level

101 dB


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