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37HP Diesel hydraulic power unit pack
37HP Diesel hydraulic power unit pack
37HP Diesel hydraulic power unit pack

37HP Diesel hydraulic power unit pack

Name: 37 HP dual flow diesel hydraulic power unit

Main usage: To supply hydraulic oil to tools, can drive most of hydraulic handheld tools.

Hydraulic Capacity: 2*45 lpm /12gpm, 1* 90lpm / 24 gpm (joint flow) , Pressure: 250bar (3620psi)


  • Folding handle and removable wheels;

  • With advanced air cooling system;

  • Electric Startl;

  • 37 HP Diesel engine with large oil reservoir

  • Dual flow  2x40,45 lpm,

  • low  20lpm, 30lpm, 40lpm, 45lpm and 1x90lpm (Joint Flow)

Hydraulic Power Unit WP37-90 is a heavy-duty self-propelled diesel power pack, which can provide sufficient power to hydraulic tools which can fulfill the toughest job such as 15” cut-off saws, 22” concrete chainsaws, heavy breakers and 8-inch high capacity slurry pumps etc.

It is a water-cooling diesel hydraulic power pack, self-propel, so it can be easily transported and moved in the yard.


  • Demolition-Brick wall, concrete wall and floor cutting and drilling, rock demolition, drilling etc.

  • Municipal Water –underground pipe repair, dewatering, and light demolition.

  • Road Works- Asphalt and concrete cutting, pave road surface

  • Rescue and Defense- Earthquake clean, flood clean, etc.

Specification Data


37HP Yanmar Diesel Engine


400 kg

Size (L*W*H)

1430×800×1200 mm

Output Capacity

2*45 dual flow /1*90 Joint flow (2*12gpm / 1* 24 gpm)


250 bars/ 3625 psi

Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity

60 Liters / 16 gallon

Fuel Tank Capacity

60 Liters / 16 gallon

Sound power level

120 dB