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13-inch road cutting machine

Time: 2023-08-16

 IMG_20170705_141450_2  Road construction and maintenance is a challenging task that requires efficient and reliable tools. For this reason, the 13-inch road cutting machine launched by WIPIN fits this feature very well, and it can cut various materials, such as concrete, asphalt, metal and stone. WIPIN road cutting machine is a kind of efficient cutting equipment, it can complete cutting work quickly and accurately, can effectively improve work efficiency, reduce cutting time, save manpower and material resources, and greatly improve project quality.

The WIPIN 13-Inch Hydraulic Road Cutter is ideal for road 

construction and maintenance projects of any size and 

complexity. It can be used in highway and municipal, 

earthquake rescue and firefighting, railway maintenance, 

bridge demolition, etc.



Cutting Depth (mm):130

Output Flow (lpm):26-34

Operating Pressure:105-139

路面切割 (5)

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