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40HP Hydraulic Power Unit

Time: 2023-08-16

WP40-80 TWIN

The 40HP Hydraulic Power Unit is WIPIN's newest hydraulic power station unit.With dual flow rates of up to 40lpm and combined (combined) flow rates of up to

80lpm (20gpm), the WPIN 40HP Hydraulic Power Unit can help with heavy-duty work for a wide range of hydraulic tool work. It is the preferred hydraulic power

source for efficient hydraulic tools such as hydraulic breaker picks, hydraulic chop saws, hydraulic chain saws, hydraulic disc saws, hydraulic slurry pumps, hydraulic

core drills, hydraulic excavation drills and more.

The 40HP Hydraulic Power Unit has the features of compact structure, light weight, easy to transport, etc. It can be used in all kinds of complex conditions of the site, the

environment of harsh emergency rescue scenarios.


It can be widely used in construction, emergency rescue, concrete cutting, drainage (drought resistance, urban and rural flood control and drainage), national defense and other scenarios.


Working Pressure:90~250bar (1,300~3,600 psi)

Weight:206kg (454lbs)

Size:1150x710x940mm (45x28x37 in)

Engine (Petrol):Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 40HP Gasoline Engine


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