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65M HEAD Hydraulic Submersible water pump

Time: 2023-08-23

WPP100-1 specification sheet

65m head is the newest hydraulic submersible high head water pump of WIPIN company. It is a hydraulic motor driven

water pump.Thanks for the powerful plunger hydraulic motor, and advanced hydrodynamic design, it can easily pump

fresh water to 65 meters.

For the purpose of anti-corrosion, WPIN adopts high grade stainless steel, the impeller is also made of high wear-resistant

and corrosion-resistant steel.

In order to extend the working life of the hydraulic motor, we also adopted the widely used motor pressure relief technology.

It can not only prolong the working distance of the hydraulic oil pipe, but also improve the working efficiency and service life of the motor.


● Quarries & Open Cast- General dewatering/trash water liftapplications.

● Cival Engineering-Coffer dams, caissons, river diversions.

● Life saving& Industry-Remote power pack for hazardous duties.

● Off Shore-Rig float outs.

● Agriculture- Drainage, irrigation and farm effluent.


Discharge Size: 100mm/4 inch

Weight : 40kg

Size : 480*360*530mm

Max Head : 65m


Power & Efficiency

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