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8 inch Submersible Water Pump

Time: 2023-10-10


The 8-inch submersible pump is the latest high-flow and high-efficiency drainage pump launched by WIPIN. It uses an efficient, powerful and stable hydraulic motor, combined with the WIPIN high-power and high-flow hydraulic power station, to drain water quickly and safely.

In order to prevent corrosion, WPIN uses high-grade stainless steel materials, and the impeller is also made of highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel.


1.Quarries and Open Cast: General Dewatering, trash water lift applications;

2.Civil Engineering: Coffer dams, caissons, river diversions;

3.Life saving and industry: Remote power pack for hazardous duties;

4.Off shore: Rig float outs;

5.Agriculture: Drainage, irrigation and farm effluent.


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