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Hunan Weiping Technology and Development Co., Ltd. Swiftly Responds to Flooding in Guangdong Province

Time: 2024-05-16


In the wake of recent flooding in Guang Dong Province, Southern China, Hunan Weiping Technology and Development Co., Ltd. (WIPIN) has stepped up to provide crucial assistance. The company, renowned for its hydraulic flood recovery equipment, has delivered hundreds of sets of hydraulic submersible water pumps and Hydraulic Power packs to the affected area.


The equipment, which includes an 8-inch WPP550 pump and hydraulic power pack(27HP Vanguard Engine), can help expedite the flood recovery process. These hydraulic flood recovery sets are known for their efficiency and reliability in controlling and managing floodwater.

What’s more, the pump and power pack are lightweight and easy to deploy, making them ideal for rapid response situations. This ease of deployment allows for a quicker start to the recovery process, reducing the time it takes to begin draining floodwater.

What sets this delivery apart is the speed at which WIPIN responded to the crisis. The company managed to deliver the necessary equipment within an impressive 12-hour timeframe. This swift response is a testament to WIPIN’s commitment to providing timely aid in emergencies.


The WIPIN hydraulic submersible water pumps and power packs will play a vital role in draining the floodwater and aiding the recovery of the flooded area. The 8-inch WPP550 pump, in particular, is designed for high-capacity water removal, making it ideal for flood recovery operations.

The 27HP hydraulic power pack, on the other hand, provides the necessary power to operate the pump efficiently. Its robust design ensures reliable performance even in challenging flood conditions.


This rapid response by WIPIN underscores the company’s dedication to its mission of providing reliable and efficient hydraulic solutions in times of need. It also highlights the importance of quick and effective action in disaster management.

As the flood recovery efforts continue, the hydraulic equipment provided by WIPIN will undoubtedly prove invaluable in restoring normalcy to the affected areas in Guang Dong Province.

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