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Hunan WIPIN Hydraulic Tools New Factory Building.

Time: 2023-02-03

Hunan WIPIN Hydraulic Tools New Factory Building.

The assembly line.

Ready to assemble.

Spare parts warehouse

Spare parts warehouse

Ready to ship.

At the beginning of 2023, our company moved to a new factory.

In order to better improve production efficiency and output, improve product quality, better serve customers, and improve the company's management level, we decided to change the production site.

The new production site, which is nearly5,000 square meters, will significantly increase the production capacity of WIPIN Technology.

WIPIN Technology is a professional R & D, production of handheld hydraulic tools production enterprises. The main productions are hydraulic power pack, hydraulic submersible pumps, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic hand saw, and hydraulic diamond chainsaw etc. Mainly used in life saving, concrete cutting, demolition and national defense etc.

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