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Introduction to hydraulic slurry pump

Time: 2023-09-21

Hydraulic slurry pumps are lightweight, compact and highly efficient. They have greater dirt-holding capacity and greater displacement than ordinary sewage pumps, and are suitable for pumping mortar and mud with high solid content.


There are three commonly used models of hydraulic slurry pumps, namely type 40 (2 inches), type 60 (3 inches), and type 80 (4 inches). The following picture introduces their technical parameters in detail, so you can understand them at a glance. You can distinguish the differences between the three, and you can choose according to the construction conditions.


Input Flow (lpm)20-3026-3430-40
Operating Pressure(bar)105-139105-139105-139
Outlet (mm)3860100
Water Drain (mm)5075100

Hydraulic slurry pumps can be used with power stations, and there are many models of Hydraulic Power stations. For the same reason, the choice should be based on the construction conditions.


Hydraulic slurry pumps have high drainage efficiency and 6 major features: precise quality. They can discharge sewage, waterlogging, drainage and dredging. They are widely used in flood prevention and drought relief, municipal pipeline dredging and sewage drainage, sewage suction, construction site drainage, etc.


The hydraulic slurry pump uses an imported hydraulic motor, which makes pumping easy and has a high passage rate of particles. It has a large-diameter drain port that can pump solid particles within 80MM, and there is a filter inside to isolate large and foreign objects and prevent them from being easily blocked.

The following are the main advantages of hydraulic slurry pumps:

1. The hydraulic slurry pump is directly driven by the hydraulic system. There are no cables, no electricity, and no risk of leakage.

2. Large displacement, high lift, small size, light weight, easy to carry.

3. The hydraulic slurry pump has a special drive shaft, oil seal and bearing built-in hydraulic motor drive. Cooled and lubricated with hydraulic oil so it runs dry without damage.

4. The hydraulic slurry pump has little wear, is easy to maintain, and has a long service life.

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