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The scope of application and precautions for use of hydraulic impact wrenches

Time: 2023-09-21

the use of hydraulic impact spanners paradigm

The use of hydraulic wrenches in a wide range of countries; in the marine engineering, petrochemical, wind power, hydropower, thermoelectricity, mining, machinery, steel mills, rubber, pipelines and other industries in the construction overhaul, repair work, hydraulic impact spanners for the large size of the bolts of the installation and disassembly are a more important tool; there are other tools irreplaceable, not only easy to use, but also to provide the torque is very accurate.

the use of hydraulic wrenches precautions

1. at the very beginning of the people start to do is to determine the action of the demolition of the loose. Or is it that people also want to use is used to lock the nut and then through the press action or screw out the locking screw.

2. in some of the removal of the drive shaft in their reversal.

3.Later, people can install some related driving square shaft positioners on it, pull down the reaction arm locking device, and install the reaction force according to the appropriate direction.

Arm, determine the direction of the square axis when disassembling and locking.


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