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Weiping displays hydraulic tools at emergency tool exhibition

Time: 2023-09-01

On June 16, 2023, a show of emergency tools was held in Lugu-valley, Changsha City, to demonstrate the latest innovations and technologies in disaster relief and rescue operations. The show was attended by city leaders, experts, and media representatives, who witnessed the performance and efficiency of various emergency tools.

One of the highlights of the show was the WIPIN hydraulic handheld tools and dewatering remote robotic system, developed by WIPIN,a leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools and equipment in China. The WIPIN system consists of a hydraulic power pack, hydraulic breakers, drainage hydraulic trash pumps, hydraulic hand saws, hydraulic core drills, and a remote-controlled robot that can operate in flooded or hazardous environments.

The WIPIN system is designed to provide fast and effective solutions for various emergency scenarios, such as building collapse, earthquake, fire, flood, landslide, and tunnel rescue. The system can break through concrete, metal, wood, and other materials, cut and drill holes for ventilation and access, pump out water and debris, and perform remote inspection and operation with the robot.

The city leader checked the WIPIN equipment carefully and praised its innovation and functionality. He said that the WIPIN system is a valuable asset for the city’s emergency response team and expressed his hope that more cooperation and exchange can be established between the city and WIPIN
Technology Co., Ltd. He also thanked WIPIN Technology Co., Ltd. for its contribution to the development of emergency tools and the enhancement of public safety.






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