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Advantages and applications of WIPIN hydraulic tools equipment

October 27,2023

WIPIN  hydraulic tools  include various types and models of hand-held hydraulic breaking picks, hydraulic circular saws, hydraulic chain saws hydraulic, manifold valves, hydraulic plate tampers, hydraulic excavation drills, hydraulic core drills, hydraulic submersible pumps, hydraulic slurry pumps, hydraulic piling rigs, hydraulic pile drivers, hydraulic pile extractors, hydraulic rock drills, hydraulic booster, hydraulic power generator and welder, hydraulic high-pressure washers, hydraulic impact wrenches, a wide range of hydraulic breaking tools etc.

(Ⅰ)Advantages of hydraulic equipment

-Durable and easy to maintain: the daily maintenance of hydraulic equipment is very little. Because its internal parts are working within the hydraulic oil, do not have to worry about its lubrication problems, hydraulic equipment service life of more than 15 years is not very rare thing.

-Efficiency: efficiency of hydraulic oil energy transfer is higher than compressed air. So the same power, hydraulic equipment can do than pneumatic tools smaller and lighter.

-Working noise: hydraulic equipment compared to pneumatic and internal combustion tools its working noise is much smaller.

-Convenient transport: Hydraulic power stations and hydraulic tools can be put together in a small tool truck or even in the boot of a car, making transport simple and economical. When transported, it can be lifted very easily by two people.

(Ⅱ)Wide range of applications for hydraulic equipment

WIPIN handheld hydraulic equipment is widely used in emergency and rescue work in earthquake, fire fighting, traffic (highway, railway, etc.), mining, municipal (water, gas, electricity, etc.), water, drainage, typhoons, airports, harbours, etc. WIPIN hydraulic tools are specially designed and manufactured for crushing, cutting, drilling, draining, etc. in extreme environments, so that even in frosty cold or hot and cold conditions, WIPIN hydraulic tools can be used in a wide range of applications. WIPIN hydraulic tools are specially designed and manufactured for breaking, cutting, drilling and draining in extreme environments, so that they can work normally even in extreme weather conditions such as frost, cold or heat, and in all kinds of harsh environments. At the same time, WIPIN hydraulic tools are available in an underwater version, which can be used for underwater work.


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