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Advantages of hydraulic breaker

September 28,2023

The handheld  hydraulic  breaker is a hydraulic breaking tool, suitable for a variety of construction projects, rescue projects in the breaking

work, whether in the harsh conditions of the field or in the environment, noise requirements of the city is very strict, can be quickly completed on the concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, rock, permafrost, and ramming and other work. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Small size, light weight impact energy, working efficiency is 2 to 3 times the wind pickaxe.

2. Low noise, high quality, high reliability, durable.

3. Can be installed in various forms of picks, shovels, tampers and other work, applicable to a wide range, can also be used for underwater work.

4. It is equipped with a shock-absorbing handle with very good shock-absorbing effect, which greatly reduces the labour intensity of the operator.

5. There are only two internal moving parts, and completely in the hydraulic oil operation, wear and tear is small, long working life, daily maintenance is simple, thus greatly reducing the cost of use.

6. Hydraulic power, to solve the problem of inconvenient electricity for field work.

Of course, the work of the hand held rock breaker is not without the cooperation of the hydraulic power station, WIPIN hydraulic power pack has the characteristics of high efficiency, small size, light weight and strong power.In the road, highway, disaster relief and rescue and municipal engineering and other industries in the maintenance construction to provide convenient and reliable power source.


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