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Road Cutting Machine - a major tool for road repai

August 08,2023

Working principle of road cutting machine

The  road cutting machine  mainly consists of an engine, transmission system, cutting device, and control system. Among them, the engine provides power, the transmission system transfers power to the cutting device, which uses high-speed rotating saw blades to cut the road surface. The control system is responsible for controlling the cutting depth and direction.

Specifically, when the  road cutting machine enters the working state, the engine begins to provide power, which is transmitted to the cutting device through the transmission system, causing it to rotate at high speed. At the same time, the control system adjusts the cutting depth and direction of the saw blade through the manipulation mechanism, enabling it to cut different depths and shapes of road surfaces.

The Application of  Road Cutting Machine in Road Surface Repair

1. Road expansion: During road expansion or renovation, the original road surface needs to be cut, and the road cutting machine can accurately cut the required shape and size to ensure the safety of road traffic.

2. Road surface repair: A road cutting machine can cut damaged road surfaces and repair patch materials to restore their original flatness and smoothness.

3. Road maintenance: Road cutting machines can use their high cutting accuracy and high work efficiency to quickly repair and maintain damaged parts of the road, ensuring the safety performance and service life of the road.


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