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The "all-around" hydraulic power station makes construction more modern!

October 21,2023


Hydraulic power stations  have a wide range of uses, including pumping stations that can provide hydraulic power for various hydraulic tools. Many people refer to them as "portable emergency rescue hydraulic equipment and tools", which have a wide range of applications, including highway municipal maintenance, fire rescue operations, gas and water emergency repairs, construction engineering operations, and so on.

Hydraulic power stations have the following advantages compared to air compressors or internal combustion tools:

① Widely used, capable of driving dozens of hydraulic tools

② Portable, compact, lightweight, and can be loaded into the rear of small trucks or cars

③ The engine is air-cooled and does not require antifreeze, resulting in low energy consumption

④ Good mobility, easy to promote to the construction site

⑤ Moving parts move in the group lubrication circuit - low maintenance cost and long service life

⑥ Tools have no exhaust or emissions - power units with engines can be placed away from tools


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