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WIPIN Tech participated in a series of emergency drills and demonstrations

July 04,2023

WIPIN had attended series of public days of National disaster prevention and mitigation.


(this is robotic hydraulic remote drainage device from WIPIN)




A high  capacity hydraulic dewatering pump  with a remote control diesel engine power pack is an ideal solution for dewatering applications that require high performance, reliability, and convenience. It can be used for various purposes, such as:

• Construction dewatering: to lower the groundwater level and prevent flooding or instability of the foundation.

• Mine dewatering: to remove water from underground mines and prevent flooding or collapse.

• Flood control: to pump out water from flooded areas and reduce damage or risk.

• Emergency dewatering: to provide temporary water removal in case of natural disasters or accidents.

The diesel engine power pack is a self-contained unit that provides power to the  hydraulic pump. It has a remote control system that allows the operator to start, stop, and adjust the speed of the engine from a distance. The diesel engine power pack also has a large fuel reservior, a large oil tank, and a water cooling system and it is a crawler self propell power pack, can drive though water.


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